Website Packages and Project Process

Our Step-by-Step Website Process

We build a lot of websites at Orange County Websites (OCW). The process you see below is accurate to how your project will progress with our team. This list can act as your guide to understand where we are and what comes next. We frequently refer to this list during our client’s project interactions. So don’t be surprised if you see reminders in our correspondence like, “We are on Step #7 and need you to provide ‘assets'” or “As soon as you provide feedback, Step #10, we will proceed with making changes.”


  1. OCW will send website examples to client.
  2. CLIENT will choose which sites they like from examples.
  3. OCW will send first invoice for initial deposit.
  4. CLIENT will pay first invoice.
  5. OCW will plan content with client via text message or email.
  6. OCW will request “assets” (logo, photos, videos, copy, testimonials, social media links etc.) from the client.
  7. CLIENT will provide “assets” to OCW.
  8. OCW will design and build website by incorporating the client’s “assets” with the chosen website design style.
  9. OCW will deliver the clickable website to the client for feedback. At this time, OCW will also ask any outstanding questions to complete the website.
  10. CLIENT will provide feedback on the website via the OCW support ticket system.
  11. OCW will send invoice for final payment.
  12. CLIENT will make final payment.
  13. OCW will make changes as requested through support ticket system.
  14. OCW will send a revised website to the client for final approval.
  15. CLIENT will provide final feedback.
  16. OCW will launch the website by transferring it the live server.
  17. OCW will send login information and tutorials to train the client how to make website changes.
  18. OCW will begin 30-day warrantee on website content and features at launch. OCW will also send client “Website Maintenance Package Options” for continued support after the 30-day warrantee is complete.

It is important to follow each step as outlined. A smooth project process is the only way we can provide website design and development at the prices we do. (Most agencies like ours charge $10k+ for websites like the ones we build for a fraction of that.


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