Let's get started on your new website!

There are a few things YOU need to do before we begin building your new website.

We are excited to build your new website. Websites are built on fast computers called servers that are connected to the internet. 

When we build a new website, we build it on our development server located with our hosting company. Your public facing website will live on a different server that publishes the site to the internet for everyone to see.

In order to migrate your website to the public facing server there are a couple things that YOU need to do and we will take care of the rest.

We wish we could take care of these things, but you’re the person with access and information. 


If you don’t own one already, YOU need to register a DOMAIN NAME…

Your domain name is your “address” for your website. Think of it like a house street address. You can give street address to someone and they can find and visit your house. 

For websites, the “address” is called a “DOMAIN NAME” and you need to have it so people can find and visit your website.

  1. You need to purchase a domain name. 
  2. We recommend GoDaddy (the world’s largest domain name provider).
  3. Go to GoDaddy.com. On the top of the page, you will see a search bar to “Type the domain you want”

  4. Find a domain name that you like. 
  5. Click the “Purchase” button or “Make It Yours” to add the domain to your shopping cart on GoDaddy.
  6. Proceed to the checkout process. GoDaddy will try to upsell you a bunch of add-ons. You don’t need any of them at this time. So just click “No Thanks” until you get to the checkout page. 
  7. On the checkout page, you can select 1 Year of registration, 2 Years etc. It is fine to just register it for 1 Year at a time (it will renew next year).
  8. Click “I’m Ready to Pay”
  9. Fill out your information and make your purchase.
  10. You will receive an email receipt from GoDaddy. FORWARD that email to contact@orangecountywebsites.com 
  11. After you have registered the domain, YOU need to give us access to the domain account. Follow the instructions below.


If you already own a domain name (or just completed your domain name purchase), YOU need to provide us with access to the domain. This will allow us to connect your domain name (address) to your new website.

YOU will need to email us the following information…

  1. What is your domain name?: www.______.com
  2. Where did you register your domain? _______ (GoDaddy? Google? or Other?)
  3. What is the username for your domain name account? ______
  4. What email did you use to register your domain name? ______
  5. What is your customer number (if the domain was registered at GoDaddy)? ____
  6. What is the password to your domain name account? _____  (GoDaddy? Google? or Other?)

YOU will need to follow these instructions to delegate access to OCW…

If your domain is registered with GoDaddy, follow these instructions… 
Delegate access to this email address: contact@orangecountywebsites.com

If your domain is registered with Google, follow these instructions…
Delegate access to this email address: contact@orangecountywebsites.com


YOU need to purchase a low cost WEBSITE HOSTING PLAN…

This website hosting plan is the location where your final website will be located for your audience to see. We will point your domain name (address) to the final website. Similar to paying “rent” or “property taxes” etc. for a home, there is a fee charged by the hosting company for your website space. OCW does not make any money off of your hosting fees.

We recommend low cost hosting options (many other companies will charge $100+ per month for the same plan you’ll find below). This is as cheap as it gets (while still having excellent service and quality).

  1. Click this link to view the website hosting plans on Hostinger.
  2. Choose the “Single” plan for $1.99 per month and click “Add to cart”. This plan will work just fine for your website at this time. We can always get one of the bigger plans in the future if we need to.
  3. When you get to the checkout page, Hostinger will select the 48 month option. You can toggle that to change it to the 12 months option for $2.99 per month ($35.88 per year). (If you want to save a little money longterm, you can purchase the 24 month or 48 month options…but the 12 month is what most of our clients do.)

  4. Complete the checkout information and pay for your hosting plan.

YOU need to email us the following information…

  1. What email address did you use to purchase your hosting plan with Hostinger? ______
  2. What is the password to your Hostinger account? _____
…please send the above information to this email address: contact@orangecountywebsites.com

YOU need to follow Hostinger’s instructions to “delegate access” to us. Click the link below…https://www.hostinger.com/blog/delegate-access-hostinger-account
…please use this email address when you delegate access: contact@orangecountywebsites.com


OCW does not make any money off of these services. 100% of the fee is paid directly to these companies and EVERY website in the world is paying for these services (most are paying A LOT more than the places we have recommended above).


OCW does not provide FREE support to you for issues that occur with your domain name company, email provider or your website hosting company. You are paying these companies directly and their business supports their products and clients. Most of them have 24/7 support access. For issues with your site, please contact the support channels below…

GODADDY DOMAIN SUPPORT: If you are having problems with your domain name registered with GoDaddy, go to this page.. https://www.godaddy.com/contact-us

GOOGLE DOMAIN SUPPORT: If you are having problems with your domain name registered with Google, go to this pagehttps://domains.google/support/

HOSTINGER HOSTING SUPPORT: If your website is down or having other issues, contact your website hosting company (Hostinger), go to this page… https://www.hostinger.com/contacts …if you are not hosting on Hostinger, do a search on your website hosting company’s site to find their support contact information.

HOSTINGER EMAIL SUPPORT: If you are using email with your website on Hostinger and are having email issues, contact Hostinger support here… https://www.hostinger.com/contacts

PAID SUPPORT FROM ORANGE COUNTY WEBSITES: If you would like help from OCW with any of the website issues that relate to your hosting plan, email or domain name, OCW offers PAID website maintenance and support. We are happy to help. Check out our plans and options… https://orangecountywebsites.com/webmaintenance/

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