Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for considering Orange County Websites. Below you’ll find several questions we get asked from time to time. If you have any specific questions that aren’t addressed in the FAQ, please reach out to us! We would love to hear from you! Call 714-612-3911 or email

How do I start working with Orange County Websites?

Getting started is easy! We will jump on a 10-15 minute call together where we discuss your business and goals. We’ll do a quick walkthrough of our cannabis website engine and show you some of the great features. After this conversation, we will send you a proposal with all the details. You’ll approve the proposal and we will be ready to get started.

Why do I need a website for my business? 

According to current research 71% of all businesses have a website and 81% of shoppers research businesses online before making a purchase. Suffice to say, your competitors have a website and your customers are shopping online. If you don’t have a great website that represents your business and brand in a powerful way, you are leaving A LOT of money on the table. 

How is Orange County Websites different from other web design agencies? 

One of the biggest benefits to using OCW for your cannabis website project is that we are built for supporting cannabis businesses. We’ve been building cannabis based websites since the start of wide acceptance and legalization (2017). We know your industry as well as any web agency you’ll find.

In addition to our expertise in the cannabis industry, we pride ourselves on customer service. You’ll have one point of contact at our agency. We can be reached via phone call, text message, social media and email (whatever works best for your communication needs). 

Because our business is built to support the cannabis industry, we can turn your project around faster than a “non-cannabis” web design agency. We aren’t going to take three months get you up and running. In fact, most of our client’s websites are live within a couple weeks.

“Amazing service amazing ppl helps you with your service and websites designed. I recommend to everyone and anyone 100% loyalty best ppl and excellent service and customer service.” — Ducky’s Meds

What kind of return on investment should I expect from my new website?

Historically, the sites we build perform very well for our cannabis clients. Most of our clients are doing $ six figures+ per year. Our website features will greatly enhance your ability to make money through your site. For example, our abandon cart recovery system typically converts 30-50% of abandoned cart shoppers into buyer. This feature alone has the power to create a massive R.O.I. on your project with us and we have tons of other features that will contribute even greater returns: order bumps, coupon codes, cross sells, up sells, funnels and more. 

We encourage all of our clients to remember that their website project is an investment that will yield a return. You need a website to market your business, but when your website actually sells your products, it is like having a sales person working for you 24/7.

Do you work with clients other than just the cannabis industry?

Yes! We have worked with tons of different types of industries. The website tools and pre-built engines we use can be applied to a lot of different types of client’s businesses. Give us a call or shoot us an email and let’s have a conversation about your needs. 

(Orange County Websites 714-612-3911 or email

What is the the production process like after I agree to the proposal?

After the proposal is approved, we get started right away. If we haven’t discussed all the details of your site prior to the proposal approval, we will send you a list of things we need from you to begin. That list includes things like your logo, product information, business photos (if you have some) and written content about your company (if you have it). If you have a current website that we are rebuilding for you, this process is easy because we can use the content you already have as a starting point. 

Once we have your business assets, we will build a beta development version of your site on our cannabis website engine. We usually like to walk our clients through that beta site and show them how things are coming together. After a few rounds of deliveries and approvals from you, we will be ready to launch. It is easy and goes smoothly. We’ve been doing this a long time.

Why should I hire a professional to build my site just figuring it out myself or hiring “my cousin”? 

In most business dealings, you get what you pay for. The cliché is true. Because of our expertise in both the cannabis industry and website E-commerce, we will get your site live faster, it will look better and have less issues in the future. “You wouldn’t want eat gas station sushi.” Hiring an expert in exactly what you want is the most advisable advice for business. We are that choice for your cannabis website needs.

Where is the site designed and built? 

Our agency is based in Orange County, just outside Los Angeles, California in the good ol’ USA. We have built our team in a way that maximizes efficiency and empowers us to provide competitive pricing for your business.

How long will it take to my website live?

The exact timing to get live depends a lot on the client. Our agency works fast with no delays, but the speed to get your site live will depend on your turnaround time for approvals and content etc. We get most of our client’s websites up within a couple weeks of proposal approval.

Do your websites work on mobile?

Yes! All of our websites are built to be responsive to the platform they are viewed on. They look great on mobile, tablet and desktop. Our cannabis client websites average about 78% of their traffic from mobile, so we definitely make sure that our sites are optimized for mobile devices.

What happens after my site is launched?

We won’t just build your site and throw it over the wall to you. After launch, we will train you how to use the site. You’ll be able to add more products, change product information (pictures and text), create coupons, change text and images and all of the other necessary things you will need to know to get the biggest return on investment from your new website.

We also support our sites for 30 days after launch with no additional fees (the 30-day bug fix is included with every website we build). After the 30 day bug fix timeline, we can continue to support your website under an optional Website Maintenance Agreement for an affordable monthly fee. Consider it “insurance” that if something goes wrong with your site, we will be there to fix it fast.

Can you help me market my site to get more traffic and sales?

Yes! We love working with our clients longterm to help their business succeed. Our team can help with search engine optimization (so your site gets found in Google), paid ads (to generate leads and sales) and content marketing (to help position your business as the best choice for your customers). All of these services will help you grow your cannabis business!

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